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Inter-School Tournament

In 1982, under Fermín Ezcurra's presidency, Osasuna opened the Tajonar facilities. That same year, the Inter-school Tournament was created. This tournament was a competition promoted by Fernando Murguía so that schools from all over Navarre could compete during the Christmas season. the fist year the tournament was formed by 16 teams, divided into four groups, that competed against each other. Colegio Paúles won the title in that first edition. Since then, the tournament has grown. In the 2019 edition there were already 71 schools participating.

The Inter-School Tournament began as an 11-a-side football tournament, but in the early 2000's it was adapted to 8-a-side footbal in order to bring forward the ages at which future footballers can be scouted. Nowadays, practically all the players who participate in the competition have already been scouted at their respective clubs, but the tournament has established itself as an unmissable event on the calendar.

Furthermore, although the Inter-School Tournament is co-ed, a Women's Inter-School Tournament was created in 2007. It is held at the same time as the co-ed championship. In 2018, the first edition of the Inter-school Tournament for people with functional diversity was also promoted.

Eduardo Almiñana, Joaquín López, Eutinio Cibriáin and Julio Arciniega are currently in charge of organizing the Inter-school Tournament. The four of them have dedicated a good part of their lives to consolidating and improving a championship that brings together thousands of people every Christmas at the Tajonar facilities.

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