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Tajonar Sports Complex




239.092 M2


2.000 (x2)


JULY 1982








"Tajonar Sports Facilities were built in 1982 by Osasuna with Mr. Fermín Ezcurra Esain as president". This is what you can read on the sign that was installed on the main door of the central building of the Tajonar facilities on the day they were inaugurated. In the month of July of 1982, under the presidency of D. Fermín Ezcurra, the Facilities of Tajonar were inaugurated, with a surface of 80,000 square meters, completing therefore an old pretension of the Club: the purpose of working with the academy teams. A football school was created with the objective of training the future players of the red’s first team. In the 1987/88 season, another 80,000 square metres of land adjoining the Tajonar facilities were acquired.

Meanwhile, in 2001, the complex was enlarged with the construction of three new pitches and their respective dressing rooms, and the Tajonar facilities were expanded to include, at that time, two natural grass pitches, one artificial grass pitch, four sand pitches and a natural grass pitch that was, and still is, used for goalkeeper training. The Tajonar Soccer School began operating in the summer of 1982. Since then and until now, this Sports City has been training players with the aim of integrating them into the professional discipline of C.A. Osasuna.

In 1980, D. Fermín Ezcurra Esain determined that academy teams were vital for C.A. Osasuna. A place of training and work for the professional team as well as for the inferior categories was necessary. That is how the idea of building a sports city came about. The project was based, in the first place, on locating suitable land for its construction. At that time, the best areas were in Echavacoiz and Tajonar. Finally, the second option was chosen and in the 80/81 season 80,000 square metres of land were bought in Tajonar with financing from the savings regional bank of Pamplona. Afterwards, the building and construction of the sports complex was carried out and lasted for a year. Before the Tajonar facilities were built, the members of C.A. Osasuna’s teams were forced to train in the ‘El Sadar’ stadium for the professional team and the ‘Sadarcillo’ stadium for the junior teams. On certain occasions, the professional staff of C.A. Osasuna even went to train at the ‘Vuelta de Castillo’ in Pamplona, as they did not have enough facilities of their own to carry out their work.

Over the years, the Tajonar facilities have been developing. Thus, with Javier Garro as president, an artificial grass pitch was built and with Juan Luis Irigaray as the top red manager, the gymnasium was started up. Later, in 2000, Javier Miranda signed an agreement with the Government of Navarra of 100 million pesetas at the time (600,000 euros), which was invested in the construction of three new pitches – named Enrique Martín, Pablo Orbaiz and Javier López Vallejo - with their corresponding dressing rooms. In addition, artificial light towers were erected for one of the natural grass pitches, where the first team usually trains and where ‘Osasuna Promesas’ (the highest academy team) plays its official matches. In the 2002/03 season, with Pachi Izco as president, the gymnasium floor was completely modified, and strength and rehabilitation machines were acquired and installed.


Interscholastic Tournament

One of the greater activities taking place at Tajonar facilities is the Inter-school Christmas Tournament. The championship was born with the inauguration of the complex. Fernando Murguía was its promoter. The success of the first edition was such that the Club announced the day before the final that it would be held annually. Since its creation, dozens of teams have participated in the Inter-school Tournament and thousands of kids have played in Tajonar. Over time, the tournament has become a Christmas classic of coexistence between players, teachers, parents, and organizers. In 2017, the club launched the first edition of the Women's Inter-School Tournament, which has since been held simultaneously with the co-ed tournament on the same dates.


Tajonar today

C.A. Osasuna's sporting activity takes place in Tajonar facilities, located in the municipality of Tajonar (Navarre) and only five kilometres away from Pamplona.

The complez has the following facilities:

2 natural grass fields

5 fields of artificial grass

1 goalkeeper training camp


16 team dressing rooms

1 dressing room for training professional team

1 dressing room for first team technicians

1 Medical Services dressing room

1 dressing room for Osasuna Promesas

1 coach's dressing room

7 referees' dressing rooms

1 office for the first team coach

1 office for the first team field delegate

1 office for the dietician

Field balcony with room for 20 people

1 physical trainers' room

1 grassroots soccer delegate's room

1 Medical Services room

3 rehabilitation rooms

3 equipment rooms

1 cleaning room




Meeting room

Press Room


Multipurpose room and study room


Recreational area