Club / Foundation


Consolidated in Navarra's society, the Osasuna Foundation works to develop those activities that help to achieve its two foundational objectives:

  • To organize social, cultural and sports activities to give the "red" followers the opportunity to enjoy their illusions, their hobbies and, why not, their dreams.
  • To manage and promote Osasuna's football through its youth categories at the Tajonar facilities, creating football schools in Navarre and signing agreements and scholarships so that children and young people, future football players, have a complete education.

In addition, the Foundation collaborates with other social, cultural, artistic and sports institutions that pursue its same social and cultural goals.

The Osasuna Foundation has been considered of "social interest" by the Government of Navarra. That meas the institutions has the right to act with legal personality and full legal capacity and fulfill its purposes, being governed by the legal and regulatory provisions of the Community of Navarra, and all those that are applicable to it and are included in its statutes.

The Osasuna Foundation is led by a Board of Trustees, whose members are:

Honorary President

President of the Government of Navarra

Dña. María Chivite Navascués

Honorary Vicepresident

Pamplona's Mayor

D. Enrique Maya Miranda


Club Atlético Osasuna's President

D. Luis Sabalza Iriarte


Club Atlético Osasuna's Vicepresident

D. Miguel Cuesta González


Club Atlético Osasuna's Manager

D. Fidel Medrano León


  • Club Atlético Osasuna's Second Vicepresident
    D. César Muniáin Irurita
  • Club Atlético Osasuna's Manager
    D. Jesús María Iso Martínez
  • Club Atlético Osasuna's Manager
    D. Ignacio Yaniz Ros
  • President of the Economic Control Commission
    D. Joaquín Canalejo Larrainzar
  • Club Atlético Osasuna's Member Advocate
    D. Rafael Almándoz Molina
  • Club Atlético Osasuna's Member
    D. Miguel Ángel Jaime Loinaz
  • Club Atlético Osasuna' President of the Veteran's Sports Association 
    D. Lucrecio Luquin Sagasti
  • Club Atlético Osasuna's Senior Member
    Sociedad Iruña S. A.